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ZOOM Chinese Brush Painting Class, 2 sessions (THURSDAYS, 13:30 - 15:30)

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful oriental art of Chinese Brush Painting with its sweeping lines and haunting, fragile style, this ancient oriental art form is a fantastic subject of study. With advice and support, you can learn how to paint Plum Blossom, Climber, Lotus flowers and Wisteria acquiring the intricacies and delicacies of this wonderful painting technique. This ancient oriental art form is a fantastic subject of study. Chinese Brush Painting is about capturing the essence, or spirit of something. It is a symbolic expression of a plant, landscape, animal, tree, or figure, using minimal brushstrokes.

This course will suit a beginner as well as an experienced practitioner as it will explore and widen the boarders of watercolour painting.

Chinese Brush Painting is not just about creating art, it is about the process itself. It is a calming and relaxing form of art, with many people describing the process as spiritual. This traditional form of art is steeped in history, and each piece of artwork you create will be in your own ‘handwriting’, each stamped unconsciously with your own style. In China, it is very fittingly described as ‘writing the picture’.

To take part you will need a camera and Zoom App on your phone, tablet or computer. Zoom is free to download.

Please log into the session in good time – say 10-15 minutes before the start time. If you have trouble logging in, give Julia a ring on 07876484293 and she will try to talk you through it.

During a session, you will be muted so that everyone can concentrate on Julia’s voice, but if you have a question, please switch on your microphone and voice it out, do not be shy. You will be able to paint along with Julia, as she paints or you could just watch and concentrate on her techniques. After the demonstration, there will be opportunity for you to discuss points.

After the session, you will be emailed a link to the recording of the session which will be a private recording held on YouTube, so that you can watch it again whilst you paint your own version. This link must not be passed on to anyone else. You are welcome to download and save all videos. However, please be aware that the videos might be deleted from YouTube after 6 months.

Verbal feedback will be available on the completion of your work, this will be arranged over a selected afternoon or evening.

Below are some examples of images for previous classes.


Equipment you will need:

  • watercolour brushes, Chinese brushes if you have them (I'll bring a box of brushes too);
  • Chinese black ink or drawing ink (or even black watercolour paint);
  • Chinese watercolours in tubes or your normal watercolours in blocks;
  • Rice paper (however, for beginners it is recommended to start on normal drawing paper);
  • Chinese felt mat or felt fabric to put your rice paper over, otherwise went wet it will stick to your table and rip. Another alternative is a kitchen towel;
  • water pot;
  • kitchen towel;
  • white plate to be used as a pallet;
  • hairdryer (optional).


You don't have to buy any special equipment unless you want to. The sessions will be focused on strokes, brush loading, Chinese painting techniques and a free, spontaneous approach, transferable to your watercolour painting or any painting mediums. 


Once the payment received, you will be emailed a login details (a Zoom link), which you need to use for both Zoom sessions, please keep it safe.

A full refund is available 7 days before to the course starting date.