Small Businesses

Small Business owners for a budget of £350 will get a bespoke painting-sketch in acrylic on canvas 50 x 60cm or watercolour approx. size 35 x 50cm of their shop/ cafe/ B&B with an option of printing Greeting Cards/ Vouchers using the image of the painting (100 cards for £100, plus delivery cost).

See below for images of recent projects and details on the commissions process.

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  • Plan

    Contact Julia with details and images, giving as much information as possible. The recommended size for a painting-sketch is 50x60cm created in a similar style to the images above for a budget of £300. State any size requirements if you prefer a different size or proportion, medium used (watercolour, acrylic or oil), framed or unframed (at extra cost). Send photos of the subject matter, or Julia can meet you at the location of your venue and take photos and make sketches.

  • Design

    Julia will then do compositional studies - plan the layout of your future painting. Tweaks can be done to the design, size, and detail at this stage. A quote and timeframe will be given. Once the design, price and time frame are agreed, a 50% none refundable deposit is needed to confirm the order.

  • Make

    Julia will prepare the surface (order a canvas or make it to the size required) and create the painting. She will send you a photo of the finished piece, unless you prefer to see it in person in her studio. The remaining balance is then requested before the piece is carefully packaged and posted and delivered.

  • Enjoy

    Finally, your unique artwork (somewhere with good lighting, just don’t forget that watercolours don’t like direct sunlight) is available for everyone to see! You can also consider an option of printing Greeting Cards/ Vouchers/ Gift Cards (blank or with a message inside) using the image of the painting (100 card for £100 plus delivery). High Quality Prints can also be made at your request.